It is generally said that if a person can control a horse he can control a nation. I do not know how far it is true except for the earlier kings who ruled. In Greece, Macedonia, Alexander tamed Bacephalus, an unruly stallion horse. In Mahabharata Bhishma tamed a horse.
The wooden rocking horse is a big toy that will be bought when a child is able to sit on the ground. As a big boy, I had ridden on this. It is quite an enjoyable ride.
The famous Tamil lines “Jum Jum Kuthirai Jallaattu Kuthirai” and any suitable wordings can be conjured up to fulfill a rhyme that will create a child to sit and rock on it. Only care needed that the child does not sleep off or slip off from its back. Take care of your toes any way.
In big fairs we see this “Vatta thiroonjal” wherein so many rocking pairs of horses under an umbrella canopy and in between the children can sit and gyrate up and down with a big circular motion. The other item is of course the giant appalams like the UFO’s that we see in sci fic stories. Riding on this can create nausea and head rolling sensation, but eating the appalam in many numbers is a joy.
Coming back to riding and singing. I have not ridden a horse yet but I have tried to sing the songs just by jumping on the chair and a heap of car tyres as if I am riding the horse, catching the reins and swinging it. It is creating a gasping effect. I have to ask a jockey for a final verdict. I still wonder how the heroes and heroines sing and ride for a very long distance!? I know it is a photographic trick.
No body of yesteryears can forget the famous song Sathiyame’ lakshiyamaai koLLadaa, a full length song in which the Robin Hood Ranjan gallops on Iqbal the horse. The hoof sound tak tok tak tok was very impressive to hear. Then MGR played standing on a two wheel reckla chariot. Then followed Sivaji in padithal mattum poduma. In between we had the love lock of Gemini and Vayjayanthi in The’n Nilavu. Like that many. Even Bollywood had their share. The children behind the horse singing Bachpan ke din bulaa na denaa is one among them. Even princess sing and ride and at the end the horse will lose its temper after hearing the cacophony and run out of control and the prince after a long chase, catch up with the horse, and then the duet songs will be in chariot. Then the horse will neigh while the two asses bray.
Thank God. Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry did not sing. Was the whistling the background score?
Yul Brynner and his six friends in Magnificent Seven did not sing while they were riding. They could have sung these lines:
Ezhuthaan motham naangaL
AaRaay paravithirivom
AnjaathavargaL ethaRkkum naangal
Naangu disayilum ungaLai kaappom
Moovanthi maalaikkuLLil
Irandil ondru paarppom
Ondraaga nindre’ethiriyay kolvom.

ஏழுதான் மொத்தம் நாங்கள்
ஆறாய் பரவித் திரிவோம்
அஞ்சாதவர்கள் எதற்க்கும் நாங்கள்
நான்கு திசையினிலும் உங்களை காப்போம்
மூவந்தி மாலைக்குளளில்
இரண்டில் ஒன்று பார்ப்போம்
ஒன்றாக நின்றே எதிரியை கொல்வோம்.

Even Gregory Peck or Omar Sharif or Julie Newmar in MacKenna’s Gold did not venture into singing while riding through the gorges of Great Canyon and during the climax scene of chase when the entire canyon crumbles. Our hero could have definitely sung these lines:
PeNNaaga neeyum vanthaaye’
Ondraaga uLLe sendrome’
KaNmoodi thiRakkum munne’
Pon moodi neeyum nindraaye’

பெண்ணாக நீயும் வந்தாயே
ஒன்றாக உள்ளே சென்றோமே
கண்மூடி திறக்கும் முன்னே
பொன் மூடி நீயும் நின்றாயே.

Even Charlton Hesston forgot to sing while in the horse race event in Ben Hur. Judah could have followed these lines, a friendly talk with his friend Messala:

Otrumayodu naam irunthom
Pakaimai unnuLLil eppadithaan sooznthatho
Pottikku naan ingu varavillai en thozhaa
Koodi vaazhvom endruthaan naan ninaithen
Potti endre ingu vanthaal
Antha aattathin mudivai naam paarthidalaame’

ஒற்றுமையோடு நாம் இருந்தோம்
பகைமை உன்னுள்ளில் எப்படித்தான் சூழ்ந்ததோ?
போட்டிக்கு நான் இங்கு வரவில்லை என் தோழா
கூடி வாழ்வோம் என்றுதான் நான் நினைத்தேன்.
போட்டி என்றே இங்கு தீர்மானமென்றால்
அந்த ஆட்டத்தின் முடிவை நாம் பார்த்திடலாமே.

The great song celestial “Bhagvath Githa” was rendered, of course Krishna standing by the side of the chariot. Arjuna would have forethought that by riding on the chariot he won’t be able to concentrate on what Krishna was saying.
So life is nothing but sing and ride and ride and sing.
Tak tok tak tok ,
Just like the hoofing of the hoofs of horses
Tak tok tak tok
Let the dust and sound spread everywhere.

By Sundareswaran
Date: 21st November 2014.


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