NUMEROLOGY My perspective.

Study of numbers is the meaning we get when we split this word into two. How this word was coined with astrology, I do not know. Again it must be some tricksters who have done this for their gain.I have used numerology here for their prosperity.
Science has taught us that every object vibrates in a certain frequency.
If this Numerology can change a man’s fate, Srinivasa Ramanujan , the genius, would have changed the alphabets in his name for prosperity or for a long cherished life. In fact he was the man to tell Mr. Hardy about the specialty of the registration number of his car. Till then Hardy was also not aware of it.
This clearly indicated that numbers vibrated in Srinivasa Ramanujan’s brain and fingers, and the pencil and paper he was holding. He could have even defied death by a proper configuration of his name or amassed immense wealth.
Thinking about this number letter game, I thought of creating my own theory. The numbers are starting from their basic unitary system. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 , 0. Then their additions. They become counting numbers.
Let me group them with the English alphabets. Why English alphabets when we are against learning it? God alone knows about it.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0. Here I am going to give one example with A.
Now, if I say the name ending with A shows valour and courage to fight and win and the corresponding number 1 for it makes one “numero uno”, the name of ARJUNA is the best name as it starts with A and ends with A. A can stand for adroitness. Then how many can change their name? If everyone becomes Arjuna, then it will raise a doubt of cloning. If I give the name as Arjuna 1 , Arjuna 2, no one will accept other than 1.Like a car number plate for a premium! If I add A after the name as Arjuna, Arjunaa, Arjunaaa in increasing Arithmetical progression, the space will not be sufficient. Then who delivers a triplet will ask for ‘a’ in a Pythagorian triplet numbering , the smallest in the lot will be 3,4,5 ie; Arjunaaa,Arjunaaaa,Arjunaaaaa. Beyond this I do not want to extend as it is not a mathematics class.
By arranging all the letters in the name and placing the numbers below and adding, subtracting, one may think that he is making a divisibility test.
In my theory, K is for Krishna who showed valour and U stands for Ulysses, The Greek mythical hero.
If it is extended with one more A at the end, he will become a superman. Too many AA’s will resemble calling him from a far off place. If the tone is changed it will be as though writhing in pain.
But we cannot extend the alphabets beyond a certain level as it has to fill the limited space in paper when your name has to be entered in very small squares for the modern scanning, X-raying, deduction and deciphering. In some forms, one has to use the X ray eyes or to be scanned to locate where the square boxes are. Then filling inside without touching on any of the lines is an art work. Then the ID cards have to be rolled like old time film rolls and taking in cans will be difficult. Then the question of swiping. Like the old teleprinter punched hole paper, it has to go inside the machine and come out. It will take that much time as the reversing of the engine at Maniyachi junction. (In our young days with steam engines)Like paperless world, we are moving through a timeless world. Think of a name SUNDARA VADIVELA VARADARAJA DEVARAJULU. If the caste mark is also included, think of the plight. This is registered as the birth time name with the letters as per above. This was the name spelt in the child’ ear while during his first feed sitting before the temple. God has registered his name as that forever by sprinkling holy water! Just like the shadow that will follow us till death. If one goes to Devakottai, on the name boards so many peculiar alphabets in upper and lower case will be attached as initials before the actual name. If it is extended fully, they will stretch to the full length of their corridors of their heritage buildings.
Now think of changing this name with certain letters added at certain gaps in between.WaH!
The Roman Numerals are of a peculiar nature. MMXIV stands for 2014
The Admiralty Arch in London is marked with MDCCCCX rather than MCMX. Is the change made on Numerological predictions? The Etrusco Roman Numerals were merely tally sticks. Number 50 was marked as a chicken –track shape like a superimposed V and I. This ended as a mark ᗐ. This resembles a caste mark. See how things will become complicated. Thank God, if it was Chinese or Japanese alphabet, a change in stroke will lead to not only to confusion, but will make us search where the stroke is drawn.
An amusing story:
Once there lived a man by name Sundareswaran. As he wanted to become prosperous and lead a long and happy life, he changed his name according to numerology. Whether he prospered or not, he was called in the Yama Loka as per Chithraguptha’s records. But as per earthly calculations and numerology his time has not come to reach the gates of Yama Loka.
Having entered Yama Loka, Yama wanted to confirm his name for a proper tallying. He asked him to tell his name. Immediately he held his both hands raised and keeping the palms behind his ears and touching his ears with the fingers, he uttered with detailed explanation of his name, taking his breath in:
‘Abhivaadaye Kaashyapa, AAvasthaaraa, Naidruva, Thraya rishiya, Pravaraanyutha Aapasthamba soothraanaanm Yadhushya Gaathyaathi Kaasyapa Gothrasya Sundareswara Sarmanaha Aham Asmi Bhou’. He prostrated at the feet of Yama and then took out the breath.
It is none other than I, the writer.
Yama was thrilled on hearing this accurate name with the lineage and asked me what I wanted, whether to go back to earth or shall I give my gold crown and the gold maze for you to prosper. I straight away rejected them on many counts. I told him about hoarding black money, it cannot be kept in the bank lockers due to its size and shape, it cannot be carried in hand and worn on head, if I melt it major part will be lost and turned into some unknown metals as we are capable to do that and I will be asked to start a new party and lots of problems.Yama told that he will get me a luxury apartment on the topmost floor with securities. I hinted to Yama the latest inventions like Drones and Robots and cctv that can remove the gold like the old time monkey tricks in stealing. Then he got upset.
When I peeped through the window of Yama Loka, I found my numerologist astrologer slowly sneaking out from the crowded gathering in front of my house and he rushed to his house and hid his name board and then disappeared to another city. Yama also saw this and got fully convinced with my truthfulness.
I told Yama that he changed my name as SUNDARESWARAAAAAAAA and I reminded him then that it looks like the hurdles in the Olympics Track race. Yama removed the hurdles; the many AAAA’s and told me to repeat the Abhivaadaye whenever I see elders whom I think are really great.
When I chanted”Yamaaya Dharmaraajaaya, he told me not to praise him and even if his name is changed, he will do the same duty. He told finally in my ears” YAMA will wait for the right YAAMA to end the life which is nothing but MAAYA”. I enjoyed his funny way of using the numerology. A learned person indeed!

By Sundareswaran
Date: 7th November 2014.
Wrong number: The children with names GABBULOO and BABBULOO should beware. Either remove the LOO or fill the OO with UU or shorten the names as GABBU and BABBU or ABU or BAABU.
I remember an old Hindi song “ Ham bi agar bache hothe, naam hamara hoga Gabbuloo Babbuloo khaane ko milthe Laddoo”, an old song of Shakkheel Badayoni in Door ki aawaaz of 1964. Even if the alphabets were changed they would have got their share of Laddoo made out of ‘beasen’flour, all hollow bubbling boondis. The letters oo in laddoo is apt without any intervention of numerology.Do not add too many oo’s to it. It will become so big. Even Thirupathi laddoo is becoming smaller and smaller day by day. A day will come laddoo will become an item that will be kept in locked glass cases for viewing and worshipping.


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