The hot news of today in Times of India Page 1. The teacher told to pay Rs 50, 000/- as fine and compensation. Punished for pinching the cheek.
Dronacharya demanded from Ekalavya his right hand thumb as Gurudakshina for the s-learning he did in archery. He could not fight for any compensation. Poor boy has to bear the torture, but he was willing to offer it. Most probably he would have continued his s-learning with his left hand. The s- learning is nothing but statue learning.
Long back there was bizarre news about two students in an engineering college removing the head of a principal for having punished them. Afterwards what happened, I do not know, who got the reward and who got the compensation.
Fifty years ago, I was getting punishments almost daily from my teachers. The teachers used to meet my father at the bazaar and tell about it and I was getting punishment from home as well. For not being able to pay the fees, I had to stand out.
I would have been a Millionaire or even Billionaire in today’s standard. I was unlucky and what else to lament about it now. It was treated as part of disciplining our later life. And it was true as far as I was concerned.
Of late we are hearing so many atrocities meted out by teachers and hence such a modification of law is needed as well. Unfortunately the case gets dragged, for what reason, only few know about it. There should be a furore for the verdict to come in force. How many Nirbhaya’s and how many Bangalore students can be the victims to get this public sympathy. By that time the victim would have died or the perpetrator would have repeated the same crime many a time because of slow running of Manu’s chariot.
But we are afraid of certain events that could turn the table against the teacher.
Suppose a student is copying with a bit paper and the teacher finds it, he will turn against the teacher and say that the teacher gave the bit paper, and if the handwriting tallies, or if he or she shows the sheet signed by the teacher in the records, the teacher’s position will be a question mark.
Even if it is distance learning through Skype, if the teacher extends his or her hand towards the monitor to wipe it clean, the student with the opposite gender will find fault and the axe will fall on the teacher. So the e-learning is also a dangerous risk for the teachers. So teachers, be careful to sit back to back in front of the monitor with a mirror and see the reflection of the student on the monitor. This can save your skin. A science teacher can think of a long Periscope to help him or her. The teacher can sit in the ground floor and keep the monitor in the 15th floor. Made in Taiwan Periscopes will flood the market. Thank God I was lucky in teaching two girl students through Skype, one from Mumbai and the other from Australia. The understanding parents were always by my side.
Teachers, please do not go to school at all and say all the students have passed the examination. This is the latest h-teaching and s-passing. In long, home teaching and student passing are the two new words coined by me in this electronic era. Then all students will cry, please pinch me teacher, please.
A pinch of salt taken from the Dandi seashore by Mahathmaji shook the British Empire. But the pinch of fault by the teacher shook her entire bank balance.
By Sundareswaran Date: 31st October 2014


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