How this word got into the computer?

Has it originated from the Hebrew dialect ‘Yahweh’? The etymology takes us too many years backward.

The first time I heard this word uttered   was by the Indian actor Shammi Kapoor in the movie JUNGLEE. The song will start as “Chaahe koi mujhe  Junglee kahe?  Yaahoo. The year was 1961.

“chaahe koyi mujhe junglee kahe
yahoo! yahoo!”  The meaning being: let everyone call me a wild person. Rather something   crude, rude, unsophisticated and uncouth to look at. Rather a ruffian.

Actually I must thank Mohamed Raffi for the majestic voice with which he rendered this song. His vocal chords would have got strained.

From every point of view, the credit should go to the trios Hasrathji, Shailendraji and Anand Bakshiji for coining that word as there is  a confusion in the internet. From the Shammi Kapoor unplugged I could understand that the Yahoo sound was uttered by Peter L. Raj of Prithvi Theatres.

His and Raffi’s voice would have echoed  and reechoed and reverberated on the great mountains BOLOR TAGH, AMNE MACHIN after hitting and resonating on The Mount Everest and the last words Yahoo yahoo would have reached the Rocky Mountains and later in the ears of Jerry Yang and David Filo.

Then I saw it in Jonathan Swift’s ‘Gulliver’s Travels as he comes across a race called Yahoo.


[A Voyage to the Country of the Houyhnhnms

He meets a race of horses who call themselves Houyhnhnms (which in their language means “the perfection of nature”); they are the rulers, while the deformed creatures called Yahoos are human beings in their base form.]

But in today’s parlance it is a generally talked term in so many counts. It is an accepted word shouted in enthusiasm.

For example, sitting before a dining table filled with so many eatables which are a feast to eyes or we may say ‘photogenic’ and mesmerizes the olfactory nerves, one will say ‘YAAHOO’

When we see a beautiful lady or handsome man  we utter from the bottom of the stomach”YAAHOO’! And when they are in wonderful dress, we shout Yahoo!

Today is DIWALI. Everything we see is new. New dress, new sweets. We can say YAHOO!

When I looked at the Jog Falls, I uttered Yaahoo.  All the wonders of the earth get a Yahoo as a suffix.

It finally landed up with Jerry Yang and David Filo in 1994 and is a huge web portal, search engine and mail message domain serving millions around the globe. Wahl! Yaahoo! A wonderful work or a linkage that connects the world.

The logo with Purple variant. Wah! Yahoo!

We can send and receive the mails in seconds or minutes. That’s why it is termed as ‘Yahoo!

When the programmer sits in front of the computer and if he gets the result what he wanted, he can shout Yahoo! The bowler can shout Yahoo! When he gets a hat trick pumping his hands folded.

Again one more word added in the English Lexicon. YAHOO!


By Sundareswaran   Date:  22nd October 2014.

Note: It is only my imagination and  not a violation of copyrights. Just a topic for humour.


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