William Wordsworth could have extended the lines like this as well  in his world famous poem Daffodils.


When they danced in the waves of breeze

The fragrance got spread far and wide

Upon the mountains when they struck

The space got filled with an ethereal trance.

The magical wand that nature waves in every grain

Is kept as secret beyond the reach of human brain.


They danced again in my wandering dream

Like a burning flare of yellow beam

Upon which I saw the world in sparkling bright

And in that silence, I could feel my inner light.

It was like a God given gift

That I could chance upon with the Daffodils.


By Sundareswaran

Date: 4th October  2014

While during my usual stroll in the morning near my village home, I used to see a stretch of sun flowers very happily shaking their heads in the breeze. When I am in their midst, I too used to get an ethereal feeling and taking a deep breath, my entire body was getting a rejuvenated effect. What a silence is maintained in the entire place except the chirping of birds and the sound of breeze.

The poem Daffodils flashed in my brain, what I had studied 50 years ago. My imagination got a little bit wild and cranky.

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