To tell the truth as open as such
Many will find it as difficult so much
Once it gets revealed from its fold
Who kept it in fold will lose their hold.
A lie will blast out in many voices to be heard
To make the silent voice of truth unheard
To cover a lie another lie will appear and act
It will disappear itself while knowing the true fact.
To cover a lie many robes are worn and sewn
When the robes are torn they cover the faces soon.
The fragrance of truth is submerged
By the filth of lie to get emerged
When the filth is burnt and ruined
The fragrance is regained.
The sparkle of truth is tainted
When the dirty filth of lie gets painted
Once the filth of lie is scraped out
The glee of truth shines out.
Truth has only one straight way
Lie has many crooked ways.
To uphold the truth
God of Justice takes HIS OWN WAY
That’s HIS “OWN WAY”.
By Sundareswaran Date: 12th September 2014.


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