WHIMSICAL VINAYAKA The God in infinite forms

First obeisance to YOU to remove all the obstacles in writing about YOU as I am using the keyboard after thinking about YOU from switching on the mains and backup and the inverter and for an un interrupted working of all the parts in the computer and the printer.
Earlier it was typewriter and one prayer and inserting five sheets of paper and interlaying the carbon paper with ink side facing the paper. Once I did it without praying and the typed out matter came as a reflection. Now the inkjet printer makes no mistakes, but behaves erratically sometimes. I don’t know whom to pray.

Om Om Om

WHIMSICAL VINAYAKA The God in infinite forms.
The great Vinayak Chathurthi festival is once again over. The festival that stretches for 15 days especially in Mumbai and Maharashtra and spread over different parts of Bharath has come to an end after immersing the great God who removes all our obstacles in life in rivers, lake and sea and ocean.
A small idea thought out by B G Thilak during 1894 to unite all Indians for the freedom fight is now a BIG affair in all the meaning that the word BIG can bring out.
The great Pitman or can we call Him as ‘Sanskritman’ or ‘Sanscriptor’who sat before Vyasa, the erudite orator of the great epic Mahabharata in Sanskrit under certain mutual conditions laid out by both. Here there is no comparison as who the teacher was and who was the taught. Both were equals,Vinayaka outweighing Vyasa as He is the son of Parameswara, we can say in this case. We can give a political overture here as Periyar to Pillayar politics still rings in our mind of old time chennietes.
A chronic bachelor, as he is referred as, but seen with two concerts and their names are Siddhi and Bhuddhi. So Vinayaka passes on to us the Siddhi, the prosperity and Bhuddhi, the knowledge through these two short well bedecked goddesses.
As He spreads the knowledge and wealth, people who got all this in turn, started seeing Him in different ways. The teachers saw him with books and pencils and with all the paraphernalia that a KG child could carry on his shoulders, the businessmen in textile designs and marketing started dressing him with all types of dresses, the sculptors and moulders saw him in different avatars as cricket and football player and all the atheletical attires cutting across all dress codes in the world. Our Vinayaka became an Olympian and whimsical. But He is perfect in any dress. I was told that His size becomes bigger and bigger every year in Mumbai. We were told that whatever put in Thirupathi is still not sufficient for God Balaji to repay His debts to Kubera, whatever size Vinayaka is made will not fill the Universe!
He fills all the steps during Navarathri festival. Here we see happiness in seeing Him in all forms. He comes as a musician and versatile with all the musical instruments in the process, the mouse, His Vaahana, gets dressed up and without a mistake one can see the Modakam before it. This dish has reached the international level of taste and tang. Has Obama tasted it, I do not know.
Recently there was a talk to make Him Superman Pillayar and Spiderman Pillayaar. Already a Spiderman is lifting Him like Hercules lifting the Globe. The Spiderman will be gasping for breath! Even if Pillayar lifts Spiderman, it will be amusing to see. Even people are thinking of fixing His picture in front of the great Bullet train and keep a small picture or doll of Vinayaka inside the pilot’s cabin, as a train driver, to remove the obstacles during the maiden trial and afterwards! And the pic of Hanuman for a speedy drive.
After seeing the traditional tea ceremony at Japan by our PM and the counterpart Abe eating cake with chopsticks, the ceramic moulders have turned to make a vinayaka eating cake with chopsticks and present it to Abe as a gesture of goodwill in investing $35 bn and name it as NaNban Zen Pillayar. We can also present a Taiko Drum Pillayar as a bonus to Abe. This will make our Drum Sivamani laugh! And it can be a tribute to Osibisa fame Daku Adams Potato.
One more request with Abe. Please give us an extra amount to buy two lemons and few green mirchis and a small yellow thread to tie these together by piercing holes and tie in front of our dear Bullet Train. You are allowed to fill this expense in your sundries as and how the Zen and the Yen desires. The NaNban Pillayar will remove all the obstacles from the impending earth quakes and volcanic eruptions that hurt your country off and on. Build a Nanban Pillayar temple on the east side of Mount Fiji, near the Bullet Train track so that passengers can throw the coconuts and offerings while the train flies. We do it in India when the train and bus crosses our rivers as our humble offerings apart from other things.
Local people were talking that the recent accident of a man and a lady as pillion that occurred in the corner point of the flyover was due to not keeping an idol of Pillayar at that point! Now let us turn our head and search for all corners and crevices in Chennai city, sans the drain covers (then there won’t be space to walk and His name will be even whimsical or even nonsensical) that are eligible for lurking danger be protected with our great Vinayaka, just like the sadhu who told us to dig out a mountain to unearth gold in North India.
I think Pillayaar is not given permission or selected as a celebrity in Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.
He gets all the fancy names as well wherever He is. Theruppillayar, marathadi pillayaar, Mukku pillayaar, kuLathadi pillayaar, Nadikkarai pillayaar. You name Him and He becomes that and still happy with a strain of grass to adorn Him! Do not forget to feed him with sweets. Do not worry as well. We can take it back. He is still happy. But do not neglect His dear Mouse.
He comes in food. He is made from vegetables, dryfruits, Jaggery and sugar, and can even appear as chocolets. Cadbury and Amul will have a field day. Just like Crazy Mohan’s chocolete Krishna , He becomes chocolete Pillayar. Thus He is omnipresent in every atom of our Universe.
Now we have Vinayaka in every form of our like and He coolly accepts it. The cartoonists and artists created Him in lines, scribbles and scratches of the pencil, pen and brushes like the way they depict Gandhi, Mother Teresa and all. Still He is happy. Whether you prostrate before Him as ‘Saashtaangam”, or a rap on the sides of your head, GUTTIKKAL or KUTTIKKAL, or hold your ear lobes cross handed and few ‘Pushups’, take care , it can lead to exhaustion, He never bothers. His physical size must be the reason He is visible in all nooks and corners. Ask for a street, and one will easily give the clear landmark as next to the Pillayaar temple, or opposite to it and like that. Where ever the roads meet and face a house, He will be visible as a protector for the wall, as no one should encroach by breaking the wall. He removes the obstacles, but not the wall belonging to someone. That is His greatness. He is seen in all Hindu invitation cards in all manifestations, lines, dots, scribbles and 3D embossing and 3D dents. This can be removed and stuck on the entrance door!
The other day I saw a pic of our Vinayaka in Mona Lisa robe and posture in Times of India. He could not smile as Lisa nor was she smiling? as His trunk was obstructing. At this rate, He will come in Victorian, Elizabethan, Mughalai dresses in the future days to come. We can make Him whimsical to look but we must also draw a limit. Hope He will not be displayed on a fashion Parade ramp.
He is great in all respects and nobody is going to object even He is made naked or in loin cloth. But we should respect the culture. When we are seeing the Gods in human form, we expect due respect and decorum is to be given to our Gods as well in the same way.
A rose is a rose in whatever name we call it. Every flora and fauna also expects respect towards them.
We can take it as fun and not become fury. At all times our dear Pillayaar has taken these as “Anbu Thollai” only and never got aggravated or grieved for that matter. A real HAPPY MAN indeed in a true Zen Buddhist parlance. A God is always true to the meaning of the word ‘contentment’.
By Sundareswaran Date: 3rd September 2014.
Mouse tail end:
Writing about Pillayar will become endless once we start it with a Pillayaar suzhi. He removes all obstacles and creates amusement in us in writing about Him. The Pillayar photo just above me gave this inspiration apart from T R Jawahar’s God of many things in ADYAR TALK.
Thank God we have so far not come across with Pillayar in Gabbar Singh attire or with an assault rifle.
Last line. Our Pillayar aka Ganesha and his brother Muruga are supposed to be the the Gods giving the realities of the causes and effects in the celestial planetary movements of this tiny human beings and not the astral predictions as done by weekend pastime jottings of Bejan Ji who needs the blessings of Ganesha and that of Anupam Ji. For me every day the Sun rises and I go to the temple and circle the Navagrahas whenever time permits. I do not think they do anything bad to me. After all why God has created mosquitoes? To bite the human beings and animals.
To pay obeisance to God and to praise Him, one should draw a line.
With this I conclude. The End.


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