Thoughts buried deep in the heart

When the day sets in the endless horizon,
The darkness of the dusk enters like a silent bride in shyness,
Somewhere in the gardens of my thoughts,
Someone lights the lamps of my dreams.
Sometimes not knowing I gasp for breath,
Sometimes when my heart beats fast,
Sometimes when my eyes get filled,
I feel someone touches and embraces me in awe,
I could see a shadow but don’t know who?
Sometimes two hearts may not possibly meet,
And lose the link and forced to get wilt,
But somewhere it meets as destiny would have it
And move along in the sway of life.
When I bear the burden of someone’s pain
I feel I am bearing those shadows of pain as well.
Thus all these thoughts get buried in my heart
And all the dreams leave me behind fast.
My heart knows all these changes in me in depth
And how my dreams got fulfilled in its midst
After all this is my dream and mine alone
And its shadow also will not get separated from me.

By Sundareswaran
Date: 16th August 2014

Inspiration to translate in English is got from the Lyric: Kaheen door ….. from film Anand written by Yogeshji.
Sir, My humble trial to translate your beautiful lyric. Hope it gives the meaning.


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