Doctors, Diagnosis and the Dilemma

The article in Times of India of date has shaken the entire humanity, both suffering and the healthy.
Nothing comes from nothing. Something is really brewing and boiling up. A wild notion with a wicked potion.
The doctors, who are considered as messiahs for the suffering, have turned out to be an organized group of criminals resembling the Mafia in its way of operation.
The triple D is a nexus. Here Dilemma is the type of problems created on the patients by the so called specialists and super specialists in the medical field to infuse a total confusion and fear. Most of the patients and the persons who bring them along are either unlettered or are unaware of the medical lexicography. Both are literally laymen in this field. In the movie’ High Anxiety’ by Alfred Hitchcock one can see it in ‘reelity’. What a forethought he had about the turn of events in the medical field in the centuries to come in reality.
The hospitals and clinics are turning into haunted houses. Vampires are there to suck the blood. The sufferings are at cross roads searching for The Cross for solace.
When we track the trails of history of how this became like this, there is only one word answer for this.
The GREED. And how the greed crept into? Mushrooming medical colleges with NRI supports and black money. Disorganized education system from top to bottom hoodwinking all the basic norms and disciplines in the administration, admissions and examinations and leakages of question papers to favor the riches for money. An obtainable degree by capitation fee and donations and with muscle power. Many Charlatans are ruling spoiling the name of few good doctors.
Ask a 5 year old what is his or her ambition is? Quick will come the answer, a doctor. It will not stop with that. The kid itself will tell out the secret. Dad has invested in dollars and the degree certificate is already printed and kept ready. A Super specialty hospital is also under construction and will be ready in 5 years. So a genius at the age of 10 becomes an MD or CEO of the hospital, as the hospitals have become floating companies with stakes and shareholders! Every clinic and hospital is a research centre now. On what research they are into? May be counting the balance sheets?
For a simple cough, the tests will be so severe that one has to pass through all the instruments and otherwise who will bear the cost of these and the salary for these instrument operators, the glorified name for them being Lab Technicians. They have to have an attire of a white overcoat and a stethoscope, just like Amitabh as a port worker in Deewar had a rope to cover-up the tailoring errors of the size of shirt.
For a slightly complex cold, a higher up status in the ailment, the ‘patient’, his name changes altogether, is taken for scans and MRI with an apron showing the logo and name of the hospital and he will be virtually extruded through these machines several times up and down like a lumber on the cutting platform of a timber sawing machine. All his inner and innermost parts get revealed in colour and even 3D effect will be given at an extra cost. If it is worn by a legendary sportsman or actor, advertisers will gather in multitude to get an inch of space on that apron for ads. Thank God! All his expenses will be covered. When he comes out, he will be totally exhausted and for that further treatment will be prescribed. It is a total package and at this stage one cannot object to any of these. No refund. The doctors will prescribe the best laboratory in this world. It is totally a” Hobson’s choice” for the person who will become a total and dedicated patient for that doctor. At Cambridge, Thomas Hobson had a stable with several horses and he used to give the horses for a ride on first come first at the exit door. The rider has no choice other than accept what comes out through the door. Many tricks we have learnt from the Britishers, but we don’t like English!
The biggest joke will be, two identical machines in different labs will give two different readings and the same machine will give different readings at different times. For this many reasons will be given, like voltage fluctuations, reagent quality, the food taken by the patient other than that prescribed by the dietician,etc. Even if they say the wind was blowing in south east direction, the poor patient has to accept it. He would have caught hold of his weaning purse.
Even Newton had failed to get a precise value of ‘g’, but the apple fell on his head accurately. The so called risk clause was the value of ‘Pi”.
Why so many tests? The stock answer will be we cannot take risk, as if they stand responsible for the eventualities. It will get hushed up under ‘force majeure’ clause.


Once it happened to me. I was taken inside and was asked to lie on the scanner table. I did. When I was fully inside and during the scanning the power went off. The backup could not eject the table out. They waited for 15 minutes. But the power did not resume. There was a weaning cry by the lady technician” Sir, can you please slip out yourself, the power is out”. As I was agile I could get extricated myself without difficulty. Moreover, in our village there was a cave through which we used to pass like this. She thanked me several times; otherwise she would have got honked out from her job. She was literally crying. I pacified her and went out. Think of a fat and unhealthy Samuraai patient inside!
The situations will be even worse when two super specialists check the same patient. It will be like Rudyard Kipling’s Ballad: East and west twain shall never meet.
Again the patient is in trouble. He will be pulled like a rope in the tug of war game at his expense. The patient is between Devil and the deep sea.
The dilemma ends only if the patient is ‘out’ or safely out back to his home from the haunted place.
Under ultimate analysis the cycle is very cohesive. The flow of money from the patient feeds all the big stomachs with so many interlinking routes passing through so many vested interests. The ‘Trickle down theory’, as complex and complicated as the organs of our body. In the cartoon, it should be viewed the other way, sucked from the bottom line.
The blow is borne by the patient. If under insurance cover, all are safe to go to any astronomical level. If covered by the corporate, the patient is safe.

trickle down theory.

A pure understanding between the doctors and the testing labs. A collusion, to say in this corrupt practices era. Live and let live in poor man’s parlance. A cut or bribe under govt .terms. Like this many avatars!
Common man, please beware! The X ray film will be viewed in obverse and reverse way and the billing will be doubled.
License to EARN and license to SQUEEZE THE PURSE.
The father of medicine Hippocrates and his oath both are long forgotten and in its place have entered the utterances like bribe, corruption, cut and commission. Get back what is lost in terms of money as quickly as possible. Here, I would like to fill the place with a small poem what I had learnt in schooldays:
Tick the clock says tick, tick, tick,
What you have to do, do quick.
Time is running fast away
We must work and work today.
Wait not for another tick,
What you have to do quick.
Though this was written under a totally different context, this is misused by changing few words in it. This was written during grandfather clock era. Today it is electronics nanosecond era. No tick is heard. The earning speed will surpass even a bullet train or a concord!
When the man moving on earth has to give box full of money for his treatment, think of Kalpana Chawla, if she were alive and have a common cold. Then she has to shell out space full of money. Thank God! NASA would have borne the expense.

Hope there are good doctors here and there to do the services to the poor. Let God bless them with health and prosperity. May their tribe increase.
By Sundareswaran
Date: 24th July 2014


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