That is the debate going on between the law makers and law breakers. The news media has come out with sensational articles. The venue is the educational institutions, the foundation and the fountain head for knowledge. The ‘demon seed’ is sown here itself. The first sermon (or is it the whisper of a devil) itself is corruption. As per media headlines, all are gilt edged colleges.
Medical colleges and engineering colleges are the worst hit in this category, as they are the best bet and bait, not to stretch up to KG level where also it is having a high stake. A new trick: Fees without the receipt and the receipt without fees. This is a water mark writing, but not visible to all. A tiny font in a warrantee card!
What is the difference?
Is collection in cash and kind for a good cause reaching out each and every house is termed as donation? If one and all agree to it unanimously we can accept it by both hands. It is an offering showing kindness.
Is collection of cash in education institutions termed as fees? What is the hidden agenda in capitation? What is not attainable by brain is made obtainable by money.
Then why this hula baaloo about?
Capitation fee is an extortion which goes unabated even hiding the lens of the high resolution CC Cameras. CC Camera is kept in the office, but not at home, recently I overheard an employee in an office murmuring. There are proper and improper receipt books.
Even if this earth is covered under the very careful surveillance of a high resolution microscope, this virus cannot be captured. Will the Google Map explore the possibilities?
Just like the saying in Tamil while praising the omnipresence of God: “ThooNilum Iruppaan Thurumbilum Iruppaan”, this special virus is potentially nurtured by some who know the trick of the trade. Of course it is universal. Once plunged into it, either it will be milk and honey, or drag in the court with money?
Now the latest news: Trouble ‘cooking’ at Amma canteens. It looks like ‘spark inside the matchbox’. It is also a type of capitation fee only in a different ‘Avatar’. Unaccounted payouts as the vegetables, grains and pulses cannot speak out the truth. The top, the head, the middle, the agent, and upto the bottom line the cut goes according to the rank and file. Something started with a good intention and for a good cause (?) has turned to stretch its poisonous tentacles and talons up to the core. More actions are behind the screen than that we actually see in front. What a brain, Yar? It looks as though the system is ‘made for each other’. United we stand, divided we fall. This is what we have learnt after writing the transcription on four lines. Whether the handwriting has improved or not, the lines drawn on the head cannot be changed. If there is a locked barricade, bend the bar, if there is a wall, tunnel it. Often we hear they are caught and have been imprisoned. The end or outcome is blank. A doubt arises in my thinking. Is it the canteen model that has attracted the other states or what is actually cooking inside? A debatable issue again.

A humorous story goes this way that had happened in our village. It is a true story.
A very rich husband who had many acres of cultivable land and 1000nds of bushels of paddy that gets filled his granary during every harvest. But he was so stingy that he will never part with the key of the granary or gives his wife money for the festivals and feasts. She was very cunning and with brain. She called out a carpenter and made a small opening under the granary and had her own locking system. She used to sell the paddy and get her expenses met. It was a secret till her husband died, though many knew about it.
Even the Bullet Train will be sucked into the Gullet. Again the Tamil adage: Muzhupposinikkaayay Sotril maRaithathupol. God Shiva gulped the poison, but Parvathy caught hold of his throat. Why? Bad things should not be taken inside, as at anytime that has to be vomited as it will not get digested.
Source: Times of India Chennai edition front page dated 16th and 17th July 2014.
By Sundareswaran
Date: 17th July 2014.


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