Like the dripping rain drops in the lake
And the tiny circle of wave that it makes
Turning into countless ripples that move out
Not finding the shores near to stop about,
In the tiny heart of fistful size
Filled with ripples of desires of infinite size
In trying to fulfill and carry it in life too far
Dreams and struggles to reach the limitless boundaries afar.
Counting the gains and covering the loses
And in between making so many lapses
The countless desires and greed
That the heart carries is great indeed.
While making the counting move with ripples
Makes the heart to beat in leaps and bounds.
Like the dark shadows that become long and dwarf
Moving around the lighted lamp,
The death also moves round in ripples and fall
Reaching out to far away shores or Limiting on to nearby walls
Not leaving any alone with aplomb.
Effort to correct the mistakes and missing of the past
The death enters without a mistake so fast.
When everything comes to a standstill form
It becomes unknown
For what and why these ripples have formed.

By Sundareswaran Date 6th July 2014


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