Beastly Business at Broadway in Broad day light

Date 2nd June 2014


Thus reads the caption in Times of India of date. With picture! In the front page and a cluster in page 5.

Explaining the way by which the animals and birds are ‘packed’ to almost suffocation  to be worse than a prison life. The mix-up of licensed, unlicensed and illegal parameters in the deal and transactions are all giving a vivid picture of a mafia atmosphere. The market functions unabated.

What a shame for the mankind, the real beast in this universe. Page 5 gives a reality show of a mad crowd at Maskan Chavady in Broadway in broad day light! Really pathetic.

Kudos to Manish raj and Muralidharan to bring out this.

Who should be blamed? The law makers on one side reading out the psalms in protecting these innocent animals and birds or the law breakers who have scant respect towards the law and towards these species. We humans want an absolute freedom for which we can agitate, burn the nation and destroy whatever we see before us. Do these species not deserve this same freedom?

Human, if one thinks he really is, should read the touching poem written by the erstwhile poetess and still remembered by me, Smt. BALAMANI AMMA in Malayalam, years ago. This was a poem for my 3rd standard, which I cherish even to this day!

The first few lines, I shall quote here:

Vittayakkuka koottil ninnenne’, jnaan

Ottuvaanil  paRannu natakkatte’

Kochu pakshiyaam jnaano thapassirippu

Achamaamee pular veLichathi

Panjarathinte’ chuttazhi oronnum

Enne nokki chirippathaay thonnunnu.

MaRthyaRthan parilaaLanamonnume’

Salkkarikkillen maamaga vaRkkakkaaR.

Vittayakkuka koottil ninnenne, jnaan

EthuvoLam  vaanil  paRannu natakkatte’

Like that it goes. The meaning in a nut shell is that the bird in the cage is begging for its freedom and this protection and ‘care’ by the persons are not acceptable to its flock. Every strand in the cage is mocking at it and it would like to enjoy its freedom to the fullest extent with its flock and wants to fly and touch the sky.

Hope, a non vegetarian will not attack me for pouring out my feelings from the innermost cell of my heart.

Can these endangered species bear this onslaught of tortures perpetrated in the most inhumanly way.

I love animals and birds and the animal and bird lovers too. We were nurturing 15 cows and calves for a span of 50 years in Kerala! When they die, we bury them without removing their skin.

Dog is a good animal. It has faithfulness and friendliness to their heart which the mankind lacks of and on. Cats are lovely too. I had one in Chennai which was eaten by a human beast.

Nothing wrong in making use of the animals without endangering them. We need the bullocks back on the road as the fossil fuels are depleting! Our Mahathmaji was using bullocks to pull the Ford car. This is going to be a reality! No doubt!

But these birds? They are beautiful with their peculiar colours, which even the smartest computer programmer who writes the software for the combination of colours cannot even dream to make in his lifetime! What use is there with all the birds? Except eggs and meat from chickens. God only knows who are eating other birds. These birds belong to different temperature zones. They may not be able to adapt to our tropical climate. Everyone knows the plight of EMU birds of Tasmania. Why the Australian Govt. let off this bird and preserving only Kangaroos?

We need air conditioners to cool ourselves. Doctors and beauticians preach about the medicinal values of sun light which is abundant. But we can’t bear the scorching heat. We cut the trees and plant multistory buildings with attached A/c with bacteria killing attachment, as the ad goes! We are unable to find a sustainable and cheap solution to convert the sunlight to electrical energy! We have time to activate our viagral comforts and many ads to support.

Why we are unable to understand even after decades of learning, to protect these species?

Let us read Darwin’s dictum: Struggling for existence and survival of the fittest. This doesn’t mean to destroy the less powerful one for our own survival. Let it happen in a natural way. If we are the believers of God, let it happen as per His will and not as per our beastly desires and wishes. Even Spielberg and Richard Attenborough had to submit before the nature! “JURASSIC PARK”. In Agatha Christy’s “Ten little Indians” the Judge had the sadistic pleasure in torturing the insects by putting them in glass bottles.

Is it a sadistic pleasure? To whom are we going to exhibit?  To Lover? It was there long ago in ‘Jallikkattu game’ to win the heart of the girl. Now the SC has put an end to this as well looking into all aspects of danger for the animal, I think. If it is for human, they have gone wrong in their verdict, I presume.

We need the Rhinos horn to satisfy our conjugal activities as if it will keep us in action round the clock and throughout the year! Somebody was telling that eating and chewing continuously the Viagra pills will make one hit sixers and twellers and more on the bed! Is it to create such inhumanly species or we need a mutation by Robin Cook?

What happened to the Poem”Abou Ben Adhem by James Henry Leigh Hunt”? Has it been thrown in the dust bins by the present day school curriculum?  “May his tribe increase”. We need such tribes to increase.

The present day world very badly needs these to know what love of giving is. What to say? The present day kids are put in the Kinder Garten cages right from birth, or straight from the womb?

What these poachers are going to gain? Are they only the bites and agents behind the actual rein pullers behind the power houses?

Where is SPCA?  Why have they become a silent witness? Why a license given for these merciless actions?

Again looking at page 15 of Times of India, another ghastly reality “Earth staring at mass extinction due to us, the very bloody human being!  The article by Thomas Jivanda is thought provoking. ‘We are on the verge of the sixth extinction’, the wordings from the biologist Stuart Pimm.

From a 0.1 per year per 1 million, it has reached an alarming figure of 1000 per year per million!

Many species of birds which I used to see during my childhood have become extinct in a span of 60 years.

Beware of it once again, dear human beings, my brethrens, without flora and fauna, human species cannot exist, but they can exist without us! Our coming generations will curse us if we vandalize their property. If at all we think right now, at least from today, we have still time to protect them from a total holocaust!

On 8th March, I saw in a leading Malayalam news paper, the peacock being tortured. Again what a shame?  The National bird of our country is in danger and happening from the God’s own country. The Creator has become helpless to take an AVATAR before these beastly humans!

When are we going to be a real human? Are we scared of our own existence on this globe as we are breathing out our own destructive venom? Let us open our eyes and start correcting.

With tears rolling,




Macaque rescued from Koyambedu   Page 3 of TOI of date.

Thank you Ms. Anushrthi Davalur, wildlife enthusiast, for your timely action and to Blue Cross volunteers in rescuing the species from a begging woman.

Spotted deer rescued at Thuraiyur.  Page 7 of TOI of date

Thanks to the farmer Mr. N. Ramesh and to the Fire and rescue services and to Mr. Naveen, President of Global Nature Foundation, NGO.


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