Dated 8th  Dec 2013

What is it and how the concept was born?

Writing is an art and good writing is a fine art. The idea of writing was born in me when I started seeing the cartoons and the writings in them. In spite of so many years of reading newspapers, I am still not conversant with English grammar. Even during my official life, I have given dictations to the steno, and what it was after all was almost the same repetition of the body with addresses changed. The real writing started during the boring times and when I was jobless.

I had jotted down some writings partly culled out from papers and partly filled with own known ideas. Sometimes they will not mix properly. Still I used to write and laugh at reading it again.  Since I knew different languages to read and write, it helped me to enjoy writing with a wider horizon.

When I was young and fresh from the college, I was very eager to go abroad and as anybody could guess where it could be, where else, but   GULF. I tried my level best within my means, but without success. With a gulp I digested it. Then an idea struck my mind. I imagined being a school dropout, going abroad with a foreigner and returning after 40 years back to my house. The rest and all the accounts connected with it came as a flow, as God had wished I should do, and I could write a narration in Malayalam, my tongue being Tamil. The write up “Jeernodhaaranam” came to the fore.

Then followed some poetic imaginations in Tamil and Malayalam and in Sanskrit as well and I could scribble out again some lines connected with some topics in life.  All these writings started revealing something in me “possessed’. Something I wrote to laugh at as well.

When my dear daughter NIKHILA saw my writings, that too in many languages, and in varied topics, she really gave a kick telling that these look CRANKY. Her spontaneous sharp and witty word really cranked my brain. My wife and I laughed at it for a while. But my daughter was a bit really serious about it. She asked me why not start a blog in the net and publish.

She opened up the blog in the name “MY CRANKY WRITINGS”. She gave a user ID and password, all in a jiffy.

After going through all the writings again and again, I have done so far, but not yet blogged, I could really feel that the coining of the heading was apt and like a dart, it has struck the bulls eye. Wahl!  What I could not make out from my writings, my daughter could reveal its full meaning with a flash. Kudos to my child. Again I am cranky. Praising one’s daughter may look odd for the readers. But for me she is a teacher and I am a taught.

My writings may look odd and cranky, but it has some answer. It may raise some thoughts, some new ideas and ideology, something to know, something to laugh at and of course with malice to none. Sometimes it may even fly at a tangent. Bare everything.  Life at times will look funny.

I owe to my child, as she is a child to me always, once again, without her kick, I could not have progressed in continuing this. Hope I will not stop writing till …………….

By Sundareswaran                                  Dated 8th  Dec 2013


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