A new twist in Kindergarten K G

What is this new concept?

Nothing new.  Old wine in new bottle.  This so called   EL–K G. It is the short form for Early Learning Kindergarten. This has started in Canada.  As soon as the child takes its first step to walk, they are admitted. Money flows much early.

No time for parents to see their children walking. They don’t have the time even to hold the kid’s tender hands and palms. They are trying to hug the dollars than their darlings.

I was told that the calves would run away as soon as they are born to the bisons in jungle. The reason being that the tongue of the mother bison is so rough that, if by chance they try to lick its calf out of affection, the tender skin and the flesh of the calf will be chewed out. This is one of the early learning taught to the animal world by nature.  Later on they will unite to form a herd. For human beings, this is impossible.

 With this concept, parents will not get a chance to hug and cuddle their tender ones.

It is not a new concept either. In our great epic Mahabharata, there is a relevant incident. They had gone even one step or many steps ahead. Learning while the child is growing in the womb itself. Arjuna was explaining his wife Subhadra when Abhimanyu was in her womb about the intricate techniques and nuances of the fighting methods in Chakravyooha. It is the different formations of the warriors to trap the opponents. One should know how to enter into it to kill the trappers and escape breaking the barricade of warriors. While explaining the chapter on entering, the child inside the womb was listening and making a sound “UM” as if it has understood, every time Arjuna stopped for a while at each stage. Subhadra was also listening and making this sound  lying in bed. By the time the first part got finished, Subhadra fell asleep. By this time  Krishna came inside and called him  out. So Abhimayu could not hear the second half on escape. The rest of the story is a misfit here for the topic.

But for the readers I would like to enlighten on this a little more.

Our old timers used to tell that pregnant ladies should listen to good talks for a good progenie.Vedas say: Visishta vichaare   salputhra, dushta vichaare dushputhra”.

The pregnant cows when tethered in the cow shed, the walls of the cow shed will have big pictures of healthy calves hung or pasted. Even looking at them, the cows will deliver healthy calves.  

Again, coming back to our topic, with these types of new concepts are we trying to abandon our kids? Are they juvenile prisoners by birth?

Most of the new born babies will look alike and for identification, a laminated tag around their neck or waist showing the photos of parents may not be adequate.  The photos must be tattooed on their back; otherwise it will be difficult for the ever rushing parents. 

Best to find a lost child in a fair! No need to enact like Yadom ki barath!

With the latest technology, a chip can be embedded by surgical way on the back of the child with a unique tune track in each and a card with the parents, swiping on it, they can identify. This will help the child from the kidnappers as they could be traced by cyber crime detectors.  But beware of hackers! And card duplicators!

This weed will enter into India as well or has it entered already, I do not know, as we are westernized in shrugging our shoulders and walking with the hands bend and widened out as if there are boils under the armpits. The ministry of education may bring the bill passed to introduce this concept very soon and it will be made mandatory by threatening that the gas and electricity connections will be cut, if not followed. One can dream for a salary hike to meet the expenses which can be written under no taxes column and for most of the parents the wallet will be squeezed like a poor man’s tooth paste tube!


Dated 11th December 2013


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