Long hours of continuous travel in any mode of travel can cause this lag. If it is daytime, watch the scenes outside and sleep while during the journey. A good physical exercise after the flight and a cold water bath will put back any normal person back to the saddle. Nothing to fuss about the jet lag. It is only a show and nothing else. A bullock cart lag on a mud road is nothing but a pain throughout the body. Just take a bath in cold water in a lake and swim for a while. It will vanish. Only the word Jet lag is properly coined up, and hence the fuss. Even a horse ride is tiresome for both horse and the rider. What will the horse tell?

Words associated with LAG:

BLAG:   something associated with violent robbery

CLAG: adhering to a card game trick

FLAG: colourful piece of cloth symbolizing a country or institution

LAG: something dragging or follows on

SLAG: a thick scum that covers a liquid underneath

The Jet lag can be associated with a temporary loss of strength, both physical and mental, more towards the former state, if he is a normal person.

This term got into after the invention of jet planes and from the fatigue due to long time sitting in the same place without much body movements.

One more theory: the Earth’s magnetic field is in line with the longitudes. When we pass through them from West to East or in the opposite direction, the resonating forces generated by the cutting of the magnetic lines of forces surrounding our body called ‘Aura’ and that of the earth, causes some sort of imbalance in our body due to a major difference in the magnetic strength. This creates a void or ‘gap’ in the lines of force generated around our body. In Physics, it is called Null point. As per the Pranic concept, these are called the ‘cracks’ or ‘holes’ on the protective web. Just like the holes in the ozone layer, the upper crust in the space zones.

This formation of cracks or holes will be of very less in size and strength, if one travels from North to South or back. We are almost in the same time zone.

Going in line with the electrical theory, that when an iron piece is kept inside a conducting electric coil, the iron gets magnetized, and when a magnet is passed through the stationary coil, current is induced in the coil. Finally a residual magnetic force tries to cling on to the iron piece creating its own protective web, the magnetic lines around it. In our body, this is the disease producing residual magnetism sticking due to jet travel. If it surrounds our head, we get head ache, if it is around our bowels, we get vomiting or diarrhea, and so on. Immediately after a flight, if we take cold water bath, major part of this magnetic effect will disappear, and our body gets its normal magnetic lines in order. Just like taking a good bath after leaving a radiation affected room. Here many washes will nullify its effect. Basically what happens is the different chakras in our body which are generally vibrating in sync with our body gets disturbed.

The earth is divided into 360 degrees and it takes the Sun four minutes to pass over each meridian of longitude. If we sit on the North Pole, the earth will seem to be rotating in counterclockwise direction.

The people at the Poles will be awake for six long months and sleep for six long months as the earth tilts. Wahl! North Pole we have Eskimos and on the South Pole we have our great Emperor Penguins! Men are encroaching here also giving the earth a state of environmental and ecological imbalance, called Jet lag (drowsiness). The ever alert icebergs are melting due to lack of strength, as the destructive negative energy is being fed by the so called explorers.

Was the epic hero or villain, in any way one takes it, KUMBHAKARNA  suffering from jet lag?

Again a new theory: On the land, we are always ‘earthed’ and the magnetic power gets neutralized. In the air, we are ‘charged’ by the magnetic power. Hence we are not feeling that much fatigue on surface rides. We are surrounded by atmospheric pressure on land rides but are under the influence of built-in pressure system inside the flight cubicle.

What about the travel in the bullet trains of Japan and China? The new super fast train is going to come joining US with Sanghai via Canada covering the distance in two days cutting across different time zones! Bullet lag!

A bullet lag can occur when we travel between US and china as there are going to be very long elevated corridors, tunnels and under the sea travel involved.   The proposed journey will start from China’s northeast region, cross Siberia to the Bering Strait, and run across the Pacific Ocean by undersea tunnel to reach Alaska. From Alaska, to Canada, then on to its final destination, the US. To cross the Bering Strait will require approximately 200km of undersea tunnel.

With an average speed of 350km per hour, passengers will complete the 13,000 km journey to the US in less than two days,”

   The sweeping speed will create an illusion of the outer world flying back words to our eyes and the perspective of vision can create giddiness. The utter darkness under the sea can create a phobia! Who knows? Let us wait for an answer from the technocrats and doctors and psychologists of the advanced China.

A final word: Will it be Bullet lag or Bullet drag?

Courtesy: ‘Pranic Psychotherapy’ by Master Choa Kok Sui


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